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Technical Info

Joist Spacing

  • Decking should be installed using a maximum 16” on center
  • Decking should be installed using a maximum 12” on center if completed diagonally.
  • Install decking using a 12-inch on center maximum span for stairs. Deck boards used as stair treads shall be installed in a minimum two-span condition.


  • Install 2 deck screws at each joist or use another VEKA approved fastening method; See Approved Fasteners.
  • Each screw should be placed 1 inch in from the edge and end of the board.
  • Width to width spacing between board for drainage & ease of sweeping/cleaning should be at least 1/8 of an inch.

Space between boards

  • End to end spacing should be at least 3/16” in order to allow for expansion during cold weather installations
  • Double joists are required wherever deck boards are installed end to end.
  • Make sure that the embossed grain patterns of the wood are laying in the same direction.