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DIY CenterDeck Construction Basics

Deck Construction Basics

Step 2


Step 1

Once the deck footings are in place and the lag is securely attached to the house, the next step is to install the beam(s). In the picture above, the joists sit on top of the beam therefore the top of the beam is level with the bottom of the lag. The beam sits on top of 4x4 posts. Use a long straight piece of lumber and a level, measure from the lag and find where the posts need to be cut in order the beam to be level with the lag. Once the posts are cut, the beam can be spliced up and installed on top of the posts.  Beam is attached to the posts with 2x4 or 2x6 blocks. The next step is to install all the joists, properly spaced and attach the joists to the lag (with joist hangers) and install one board at the front of the deck (rim board). All joists can be toe nailed from both sides into the beam.