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DIY CenterDeck Construction Basics

Deck Construction Basics

Step 3


Step 1

After the posts, beams and joists are installed, the next step is to install railing posts, stair stringers, intermediate joist blocking (bridging) and frame for the skirt of the frame.

A block needs to be installed beside each railing post in order to securely attach it to the deck frame. Stair stringers are attached to railing posts at the bottom of the stairs. For the skirt frame, you will need a continuous 2x4 running along the bottom of the deck perimeter. This 2x4 can be attached in a manner shown on the diagrams.

Stair stringers for decks are normally cut from a 2x10 or a 2x12 stock. Use the carpenter’s square to mark out the stringer as shown on the diagram and cut thestringer with a circular saw.