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Decks Toronto is the leading supplier of Composite Decking in Canada.  We supply contractors and homeowners with the leading composite decking brands such as Trex Decking, Timbertech-Azek Decking, Fiberon Decking and others. 


If you are looking for the best composite decking deals and expert advice - you have come to the right place.  With so many different composite brands available, making a well informed decision on the right composite deck boards for your project requires a professional with a thorough knowledge of the industry. 


Additionally, when spending thousands of dollars on your composite decking project - you need a company that will give you a great deal on your project.  We carry all the major brands of composite decking in stock and we are ready to supply you with everything from the deck boards to accessories and fasteners.  We maintain strong ties to the installation industry and we know how the different brands perform over time. 


Our decking showroom in Vaughan, Ontario is a good starting point to select your decking material and speak to one of our experts.  We also frequently have composite decking on sale so if you are looking for cheap composite decking materials - we can help you with that also. 


All the brands that we sell are manufactured in North America, have a minimum of 25 year warranty and produced by companies that have spent millions of dollars on research and innovation and stand behind their warranty claims.


Why Composite Decking?


Composite decking has many advantages over the regular pressure treated or cedar wood decking.  The main advantage is that it requires no maintenance and your decking will look exactly the same many years down the road.  Composite decking boards have come a long way since they were first introduced by Trex Decking in 1990’s. 


Composite decking no longer fades in the sun, does not accumulate mold and does not have significant expansion and contraction.  Additionally, improvements to the way boards are manufactured have been made over the years that have significantly increased the scratch resistance of the composite deck boards and have reduced the heat absorption.  Another important factor that has influenced the popularity of composite decking in Canada and around the world is the fact that the composite decking has come down in cost and now it is available approximately for the same price as the knotty cedar.


Wood deck vs Composite deck


For some people the natural wood look and feel cannot be replaced by any composite decking.  If a client is willing to put in hours of work every year to maintain their deck or be willing to live with a grey or warped wood or be willing to spend more for a premium wood such as Ipe wood decking then the wood decking may be the answer for them.


However, for most clients, the no-maintenance aspect of composite decking is a major benefit and thus the composite decking will be their best choice.  The composite decking industry has come a long way in the past 25 years and now you are able to get a high quality composite deck board for roughly the same price as knotty cedar.  


Pressure treated wood decking is still the cheapest and the most popular decking option in Canada, but one needs to keep in mind that unless pressure treated decking is maintained annually, the deck will start showing significant signs of aging two or three years after installation.  If the maintenance cost is taken into account, composite decking comes out as a clear winner.


If you have read some horror stories about composite decking, this is likely due to the fact that there are many fly by night companies, manufacturing inferior products and then disappearing before the customer has a chance to file a warranty claim.  At Decks Toronto, we carry only the top brands of decking that have a proven track record in our Canadian climate.  Additionally, the composite decking that was manufactured 10 or 15 years ago did have many problems, even by major brands, but with millions of dollars spent on research and innovation, the composite decking that is manufactured by major brands has really come a long way.


If you are still unsure if the composite decking is the right choice for you - please call one of our experts at +14166237158 or send us an e-mail at

Is Composite Decking waterproof?


If you are installing a deck that will be in direct contact with water then composite decking is not your best choice.  You need PVC Decking.  A typical composite deck board or what is commonly referred to as “composite decking” is made up of two different products - Composite Core and PVC Shell.  When coming in direct contact with water, composite core which contains wood fibers, can swell up. 


Therefore if you are installing a dock or decking around the pool or some other application where the decking will be exposed to prolonged water contact - our recommendation is that you go for an all PVC deck product.  Brands such as Fiberon, Wolf and Azek by Timbertech manufacture 100% PVC deck boards.  These boards are more expensive than your typical composite deck boards, but they will not absorb any water.  Additionally, PVC deck boards do not heat up as much in the sun, so walking bare foot on your dock or pool deck will be a lot more pleasant or in some backyards possible!


How Long Does Composite Decking Last? 


Composite decking boards typically come with a minimum of 25 year warranty and for some product lines the warranty goes to 50 years and even to life-time and thus composite deck boards are very durable. The composite deck boards are made up of either 100% PVC or some combination of plastic and wood fibers. 


If you are purchasing composite decking that is produced by a leading manufacturer, it will last you a lifetime, even if the warranty is only 25 years.  The reason for such high durability is the fact that plastics do not decompose, do not disintegrate or fade in color after 25 years if they have not done so in the first 25 years.  After 25 years of service there are other major factors that will influence the life of your deck which include the disintegration of the wood decking frame or the desire of homeowners for a new look, design of the deck. 


It is also important to get composite decking that is not easily scratched because 25 years is a long time and while your composite decking may not disintegrate, it can certainly accumulate a lot of scratches that cannot be removed. 


How To Clean Composite Decking


Cleaning composite decking is typically very easy.  All you need is soap and water and sometimes a pressure washer that is set to a low pressure setting in order not to damage the composite decking boards.  All the major brands of composite decking such as Fiberon, Trex, Timbertech and Azek have their outer shell made of 100% PVC and therefore it cannot accumulate mold.  The only mold you may be seeing on the surface of your decking is just surface mold and it is not embedded in the decking itself.  Therefore no special cleaner is needed, just soap and water.


If you have an older composite deck or some inferior brand installed then you may have mold embedded into your decking product and you may need a special cleaner that will penetrate the decking and remove the mold.


There are also some products such as insect repellents and sunscreen sprays that can discolor even the most expensive and high quality PVC decking products.  If you have a stain caused by these chemical products, there is nothing you can do to clean your deck or to bring back that color.  Try contacting the manufacturer or the supplier of your decking product to see if they may be able to assist you in finding a possible cleaning product.