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Clear Larch Decking

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Material is in stock in one of our warehouses in the GTA. Same day pick up in the GTA is available for this product. You can call our office at 416.623.7158  to confirm the exact location for this product.

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Last Stock Update: May 8, 2024

Deckstoronto is a direct importer of Clear Larch Decking. We have stock of Clear Larch decking available for immediate pick up or delivery.  Call our office at 416 623 7158 for pricing on your project or fill out a quote form below.


Collection Description Color

Decks Floors, Screens, Fences

Profile Price
(per piece)
$/lin.ft Availability Qty
$47.88 3.99

What is Clear Larch?

Clear larch is a tree that grows in Siberia, Canada, North America, Finland, and other cold regions. Clear larch is the most dense wood material among softwoods. Also it is the most durable material among softwoods. European larch can be used for decking, flooring, and fencing.

Boards made of Clear larch are very smooth. Unlike ipe or redwood, the color of these boards varies from yellow to light brown. This material is ideal for those who are looking for light wood for their deck.

Pros and cons of Clear larch decking

Larch decking advantages

  • Resistance to severe frosts and severe weather conditions. This feature is especially important for those who live in Canada, where winters are cold.
  • Light color boards, which are difficult to find for those who want a wooden deck. Typically wood boards range from red-brown to dark brown.
  • Resistance to scratches and mechanical damage due to strength and hardness.
  • Natural protection against insects due to the presence of resin that repels them.
  • Moisture protection due to high density.
  • Ease of installation - larch is easy to drill, process, grind, and glue.
  • Simple maintenance since the tree can absorb some stains.
  • Low price relative to other wood materials. Larch boards are cheaper than ipe or tigerwood decks.
  • long service life: a deck made from this tree lasts 30-70 years.
  • The natural appearance that only a real tree can have.

Clear larch decking disadvantages

  • The strength of the wood is not sufficient to withstand strong and regular loads. Therefore, this material is not recommended to be installed in public places where hundreds of tourists walk every day or on highways where cars constantly drive.
  • You should not put a deck of larch in very humid regions - it is resistant to decay, but its protection from moisture is not absolute. In addition, regular exposure to water can lead to deformation of the boards.
  • There may be knots on the boards, so it is not recommended to walk on them barefoot;
  • Boards need to be oiled regularly to keep their color. Without staining once a year, the boards fade and become gray.

Larch decking boards features

Larch decking board size is 5/4x6. They are available in grooved and ungrooved profiles. The actual thickness of larch boards is 21 mm, which is thicker than 1”. Boards are available in two lengths: 4 and 6 meters. When choosing this material, it should be taken into account that the boards are less dimensionally stable - and this must be taken into account when installing the deck.


Clear Larch features




4 or 6 meters




590 kg/m³

Hardness on Janka scale

740-1100 lbs/sq in


Solid light brown



Clear larch decking maintenance

The Larch deck is easy to maintain. Everyday debris and dust can be swept away with a broom or a stiff brush. Once every six months, the decking should be washed with warm water and soap.

The owners of such a deck need to remember that larch fades in the sun and eventually becomes gray. For the boards to retain their natural light brown hue, they need to be coated with larch decking oil. The procedure should be carried out every year.

Unlike other types of wood, larch decking does not need to be sanded or sealed. In this regard, European larch is easier to care for than ipe or cumaru boards.

Clear larch vs ipe and composite decking


Ipe decking

Clear larch decking

Composite decking


3,510-3,680 lbs

740-1100 lbs

Lesser than wood

Price per lin. ft.

$12 - $20


$4 - $20


50-100 years

30-70 years

25-100 years


dark brown or red brown

yellow or light brown

grey, brown, yellow, red, etc.

Water resistance




Termite resistance








Scratch resistance




Larch deck is the sweet spot between expensive ipe decking and affordable but not durable composite decking. It is stronger than composite decking, lasts longer, and is resistant to rot and cracking. And although larch is inferior in hardness to brazil hardwood, its price remains affordable for everyone who does not plan to install a deck in crowded places.

Clear larch decking price

Please note that prices may vary depending on the season. For current prices, please contact our consultants by phone at 437.837.0039.

The price of one Clear larch deck is $47.88 per unit or $3.99 lin. ft. In the table below we offer a comparison of prices for different types of wood:

Wood type

Price per square foot

Clear larch


Ipe wood

$10 - $20


$8 - $11


$7 - $15


$5 - $30


$3 - $7

Larch boards cost 3-5 times cheaper than ipe decking or garapa. They are also inferior in price to such popular breeds as tiger wood or mahogany.

Buy larch wood decking on Decks Toronto in Canada

Decks Toronto is a larch wood decking supplier in Canada. We work directly with Clear larch decking manufacturers to bring this material to Canada. These decking products have been on sale on the US market for over 10 years and in the past 3-4 years Clear Larch Decking has been becoming a popular alternative to cedar decking in Canada.

You can find various profiles of Clear larch decking in our online store. Also you can get expert advice on how to install Clear larch decking. Additionally we recommend purchasing deck installation tools, stainless mounts and larch decking painting oil.

We can deliver larch decking boards across Canada as well as shipping to the USA. Delivery is made on the day of the order if the goods are in stock in the right quantity. If the product is not enough, then the expected delivery time is 2 to 4 business days. We also offer pickup from our warehouses. We have two warehouses at 71 Buttermilk Avenue in Vaughan and 234 Hood Rd. in Markham.