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Siberian larch Fasteners Information

There are different ways to attach Siberian larch decking to deck framing. You can face screw your deck boards to the frame as you would for a pressure treated or a cedar deck. You can use regular color matched deck screws to face screw Siberian larch decking to deck framing. This method of attachment is easy and cost effective, it hold the board well to prevent it from cupping or deforming but the downside is that you see all the screw holes.

For a hidden fastener attachment method we recommend using either grooved deck boards with Ipe Clips or solid edge boards with Camo Hidden Fasteners. The advantage of using Ipe Clips and grooved boards is the speed of installation. You only install clips on one side and it is fast and easy to install. Pre-drilling is not required and only needed closer to the edge of the board. The downside to using Ipe Clips and grooved boards is the fact that you have to pay more to buy the grooved boards and Ipe Clips are more expensive than the Camo Fastenters. If you decide to attach solid decking boards with Camo Fasteners – you will save money, you will not see surface screws, but this system takes a little more time than your conventional surface deck screws or the Ipe Clip system.