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Decking Materials

We are a supplier of top decking materials in the decking industry in the Greater Toronto Area. Twenty years ago most decks were made of cedar or pressure treated wood and there were no decking suppliers who focused only on decking materials.  Today, the market is different.  Customers no longer want to replace their decks every 10 years and spend countless hours maintaining their deck surfaces.  There are now dozens of different manufacturers that offer maintenance free decking boards and decking lumber mills in other countries have established their connections with North America to supply our market with low maintenance and long lasting premium wood decking products such as Ipe decking, Garapa decking and Siberian Larch.  Deckstoronto is a direct importer of Ipe Decking from Brazil and we also have the best supply channels for all the major brands of Composite and Plastic Decking.  We have access to the largest inventory of Ipe Decking in Canada and we also carry in stock the most popular maintenance free decking products. 

While there are dozens of different maintenance free materials, Deckstoronto supplies only the best decking materials in the industry.  All the brands we supply are manufactured by the largest companies in the business.  The reason you want to buy your decking material from a large manufacturer is because you know they have spent millions of dollars on research and development and that you can actually trust their 25 or 30 year warranty.

Deckstoronto is a part of a larger group of companies in the decking industry and we are very closely tied to the installation market.  Our sales staff is constantly updated by many contractors in the decking installation industry about all of the products and accessories that we carry as well as all the emerging new materials and deck installation techniques.  If you choose to get your decking materials from Deckstoronto – you are guaranteed to get the knowledge you need to get your job done right.

Premium Decking Materials can be classified into 3 different categories and each category has its advantages and disadvantages.  When you are investing into a quality decking material that you expect to perform for 25 years or more, it is important to make a well informed decision.  Your chosen decking material will be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and high foot traffic over its lifetime and you need a material that will perform well over its lifetime.

Premium Wood Decking

The first category of decking materials is Premium Wood Decking.  By “premium” we mean that it will perform better than the typical pressure treated or cedar decking.  Contractors are now seeing that cedar decking starts to rot after 8 years in some cases and we have pictures of such decks to prove it.  Pressure treated decking cracks, deforms and splinters if not maintained regularly and regular maintenance is expensive and time consuming.  Premium wood decking products will last longer than 25 years, they will not rot or decay during their lifetime and the maintenance of such products is generally low.  Ipe decking is the most popular and the most expensive decking material in this category.  Ipe is imported from Brazil.   Ipe decking lasts 40 to 100 years, it is very stable and therefore the cracking, checking and splintering is minimal.  Other premium wood products include a hardwood from Brazil very similar to Ipe – called Garapa Decking.  Garapa Decking is slightly lighter than Ipe, but it is also very long lasting and stable outdoors.  For a cheaper alternative in this category, we have Siberian Larch - longlasting softwood that is at least 60% denser than cedar and that is proven to last for decades in cold climates like the one we have in Canada.

Capped Composite Decking

The second category of decking materials is Capped Composite DeckingThis is the largest category of maintenance free decking materials.  The materials in this category have a composite inner core (a combination of wood and plastic) and a 100% PVC exterior wrap.  The composite core is stronger than a PVC core and it is more economical and therefor these products provide good cost savings to the homeowner.  The downside to this composite core is the fact that it heats up more than a PVC core in direct sunlight and these products are heavier and therefore more difficult to handle during installation.  Trex is the largest manufacturer of decking materials in the North America and all of their products are capped composite decking.  The next two biggest suppliers of the maintenance free decking in this category are Fiberon and Timbertech.  We have the most popular decking board colors in this category in stock and the colors that we do not have in stock – we can special order.

PVC Decking

The third category of decking materials is PVC Decking. Decking materials in this category are sometimes referred to as “Plastic Decking”.  The decking materials in this category have a plastic wrap on the outside just like those in the capped composite decking category, but the inside of these decking materials is a solid PVC core.  PVC core helps the products in this category absorb less heat in direct sunlight and these products are generally easier to work with because they are much lighter than the capped composite decking products.  The biggest brand in this category is Azek decking.   Azek has been manufacturing these products for over a decade and they have developed a high quality product that is proven to work well.  The other manufacturer of PVC decking that has the best appearance in the market is Zuri decking.  Deckstoronto carries stock of some PVC decking products and we can special order the colors that we do not have in stock.