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Timbertech - Azek Fastener Info

Timbertech - Azek decking is available in grooved and non-grooved profiles. We recommend installing grooved Azek decking boards on deck surfaces. Timbertech - Azek decking that is grooved can be attached to deck frame with ConcealLoc decking clips. Spacing between deck boards will be automatically determined by the clips.

When attaching Timbertech - Azek deck boards around the perimeter, use Cortex screw and plug system. Cortex provides screws and plugs that can be installed in location where clips are not accessible. Do not use cortex screws on Timbertech - Azek fascia. Ensure that the screw hole is clear of moisture and debris before installing a plug.

When installing Timbertech - Azek decking fascia boards – use TopLoc stainless steel fascia screws color matched to your color of Timbertech - Azek decking. These deck fascia screws allow for some movement in the fascia due to expansion and contraction