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Timbertech Pros and Cons

TimberTech decking advantages

  1. TimberTech is one of the few brands that produce PVC decking. So far, it is considered the best material for decking.
  2. The brand offers one of the longest guarantees on the market. So, for PVC boards from the AZEK line, there is a lifetime warranty. The collections from the TimberTech PRO line have a 35-year warranty, while the inexpensive Timbertech EDGE collections are covered by a 25-year warranty.
  3. The deck covering protects the boards from fading and helps to maintain a rich color. The color retention is backed by a 50-year guarantee for PVC decking. For composite decking, the warranty ranges from 25 to 30 years depending on the collection.
  4. TimberTech offers a wide variety of colors to create a unique deck design.
  5. The manufacturer creates a high-quality texture of the decking. So, for TimberTech Azek, the pattern on the board is drawn manually. This gives the board a natural look.
  6. The PRO and AZEK lines have a four-sided coating. The Edge collections are coated on 3 sides.
  7. The coating is made so that its surface is not slippery.
  8. Decks from the PRO and AZEK lines have protection against decay; they can be installed near ponds and pools.

TimberTech decking disadvantages

  1. The price of TimberTech boards is above average. The boards from the AZEK collection are quite expensive, but they compensate for the cost with a lifetime warranty.
  2. The decking heats up in the sun, especially dark-colored boards.
  3. Composite boards from the TimberTech Edge collections contain a woody component, so it is best not to install them near bodies of water.
  4. Decking from inexpensive collections can scratch over time.

Want to personally test the pros and cons of TimberTech decking boards? Order a sample and test it under your conditions. Check the strength of the decking, its color and quality.