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Trex Fasteners Information

To attach Trex decking boards to wood deck frame we recommend purchasing grooved Trex decking boards and attaching them with hidden fastener clips. You can either use Tiger Claw decking clips or Trex hideaway hidden fasteners. Unlike some other maintenance free products, Trex decking can be installed with relatively inexpensive decking clips. Trex decking clips are easy to install and they hold deck boards well. Deckstoronto carries Trex fasteners in stock.

To install your edge boards we recommend using Cortex screw and plug system. There are screws and plugs designed to match all colors of Trex decking. Cortex system is very easy to use. Driver bits that are included in every Cortex package drive a special double-threaded screw and prepare a whole for the plug at the same time. No glue is required to install a plug, simply line up the grain on the plug with the grain on the deck board and install in place with a hammer or a mallet.

To install your Trex 1x12 Fascia boards we recommend using color matched stainless steel fascia screws. These screws are specifically designed to allow for some movement in the fascia boards.

Selecting Fasteners:

  • Trex Hideaway Universal Hidden Fastener
  • Trex Hideaway Connector clip
  • TigerClaw TC-G