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Trex Technical Info

Trex website provides a number of forms that can be downloaded to obtain exact Technical information on their product lines. Please visit Trex Decking Customer Support and fill out your information in order to download their documentation.

As you go through these technical data tables you will notice that all these numbers describing the Trex decking materials do not have much meaning unless you are able to compare them with similar technical data from other low maintenance decking suppliers.

Based on the information we obtained from contractors who have worked with Trex and have seen this material perform over several years we can state that this decking will expand and contract a little more than a 100% PVC decking material like Azek. Trex will also get hot in direct sunlight, but this is common to all low maintenance decking products. Choosing a lighter color will help alleviate this problem.

Do not install Trex decking on deck that are low to the ground, you want an 8” clearance between top of the soil and the bottom of your Trex deck board. If you have less than 8” of space, we suggest installing a 100% PVC decking material.

Type of Gap


Above 40F(4.5C)

Below 40F(4.5C)


¼” (6mm)

⅜” (10mm)


⅛” (3mm)

3/16” (5mm)


⅛” (3mm)

3/16” (5mm)

Abutting Solid Objects

¼” (6mm)

½” (13mm)                             

Joist Spacing

Residential - No greater than 16” on center

Commercial - No greater than 12” on center

Warranty Info

Trex provides a 25 year limited warranty against splitting, splintering, rotting, or structural damage from termites and fungus.