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Warranty Info

Timbertech Azek warranty for PVC decks

PVC decking is the highest quality decking material available. The manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee for residential clients that the deck will be resistant to damage, deformation, cracking, and decay. For commercial clients, the warranty is 20 years. Additionally, Timbertech provides a guarantee for 50-year that the color of the boards will remain the same bright and will not fade in the sun. This guarantee applies to Vintage, Harvest, and Landmark collections. The full text of warranty TimberTech Azek read in the official document.

TimberTech Pro warranty for composite decks

Timbertech Pro Reserve, Pro Terrain, Pro Legacy collections are covered by a 30-year warranty. For commercial clients, there is a 10-year warranty. The manufacturer promises that during this time the decking will not undergo serious deformations and damage. A 30-year warranty spreads on boards to protect them from fading and discoloration. The complete warranty conditions for TimberTech Pro boards can be read on the white paper.

TimberTech Edge warranty for composite boards

The collection TimberTech Edge Prime+ offers a 25-year limited warranty for residential clients. A 10-year warranty is valid for commercial clients. Boards from this collection are insured against deformations and mechanical damage for 25 years. The color fastness of the decking is also covered by a 25-year guarantee. You can find out the terms of the guarantee in the official document.

TimberTech deck railings warranty

TimberTech deck railings come with a 25-year warranty for residential clients. TimberTech deck railings have a 10-year warranty for commercial clients. Please note cable railings are backed by a 10-year warranty for all customers. Deck railing accessories are backed by a 5-year corrosion guarantee. You can read the full text of the guarantee in the official document.

TimberTech deck lightings warranty

There is a 5 year warranty for TimberTech deck lighting. The warranty period is the same for residential and commercial clients. You can find out the details of the terms of warranty service of deck lighting in the official document.

TimberTech deck fasteners warranty

TOPLOC®, FUSIONLOC®, CONCEALOC® & CORTEX® FASTENING SYSTEMS have a 25-years residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty. The manufacturer guarantees that the fastening system will not rust during this period. The full limited warranty terms can be found in the white paper.