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Zuri Technical and Installation Information

We recommend installing Zuri decking on 12” o.c. when deck boards are perpendicular to your deck joists and at 8” o.c. when deck boards are diagonally installed.


Use Zuri clips only to attach decking to your framing. Around the perimeter, Zuri has an L-shaped trim piece that can be installed to hide the grooves of its deck boards.


Zuri has a special paint, designed to match the colors of its decking. This paint can be used to color the exposed PVC core on fascia, stairs etc.

Expansion and Contraction are most significant where extreme temperature change exists. All PVC moves with temperature change and it moves differently from wood decking products. Wood will typically expand and contract in the width direction and Zuri will move in its length. Moisture has the biggest impact on Wood and no effect on Zuri’s PVC substrate. The key to a successful build is planning for this lengthwise movement. A few ways to control movement are:

  • Fasten boards within 1/2” of the ends.
  • Minimum of 1/4” space between Zuri boards and any structure, post or obstruction.
  • Upon cutting board to finished length, install as soon as possible.

On long decks (20’ and greater), orient the boards to run boards in the narrow direction. For example – on a 40’ x 10’ build, install 10’ boards perpendicular instead of 20’ boards parallel to the structure.