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Ipe Guidelines for Installation

Ipe decking is extremely dense and has a very high bending strength. Typically all 5/4x6 deck boards are installed on 16” o.c., but with Ipe decking you can install your joists on 24” o.c. Even when installed on 24” o.c., Ipe Decking will feel stronger than your usual 5/4x6 pressure treated, cedar or maintenance free decking installed on 16” o.c.

The gaps between deck boards are typically 1/8”. Ipe decking cannot be nailed, it has to be pre-drilled and installed with stainless steel screws. When installing decking surface boards, we recommend getting the grooved boards to be installed with Ipe Clips. Installing decking with clips provides a fastener free decking surface and it cuts down on the installation time because you are only attaching the clips on one side of the deck board (the other side simply slides into the clip).

If you are installing face fasteners on deck fascia or stair risers, we recommend attaching Ipe decking with stainless steel fasteners. All other fasteners will leave a black steel mark on the Ipe. We have color matched stainless steel screws. If you are looking to completely conceal your fasteners we supply 3/8” Ipe plugs.

Prior to installation of Ipe decking, we recommend oiling Ipe on all sides or at least the bottom side of the deck board since it will not be accessible after the installation. Contact our sales staff to obtain a recommendation for the best product to use for protecting your Ipe deck boards. Ipe decking does not need to be maintained for improving longevity, only to retain its rich brown color. Some clients choose to allow their Ipe decks to go grey and do not maintain their ipe decking, prior or following the installation.

If you are looking to hire a contractor to install your Ipe deck, we recommend hiring an experienced contractor like Delta Decks. Ipe decking is a beautiful product, but working with it requires much experience, if you want professional results, we suggest hiring the right people.