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Ipe Tools Required

To install Ipe Decking the tools you would need would include your regular power tools – miter saw, table saw, circular saw, drills, router etc. We recommend using sharp carbide tipped blades, no more than 1/8” in thickness. For a 7 ¼” circular saw blade you would get one with at least 40 teeth. For a 10” blade use a blade with at least 60 teeth and for a 12” blade use the ones with at least 80 teeth. Higher teeth count on your blades helps you get clean cuts on high density decking materials such as Ipe Decking.

You will likely need many drill bits to pre-drill holes for all your fasteners. Do not try to nail into Ipe – you will bend the fastener, break your nail gun or crack the wood.

To install Ipe plugs – use 3/8” diameter drill bit.